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Enable PortFast on SG200-50

Hi @all

i've got a little connection Problem within the network of one of my clients. On some of the PCs i get the Netlogon Error ID 5719 and because of that the network drives don't get mapped. If i restart the PC or execute the logon script manually it works. The Switch i'm using is the SG200-50. After reading a bit about the problem i came across the approach to enable PortFast on the Switch. The SG200-50 doesn't have a CLI support as far as i know. So i tried configuring it through the web interface but couldn't find a option called PortFast. The only similar option i find is the Edge Port setting in the STP section which enables FastLink. But is FastLink and PortFast the same? If not how do i enable PortFast on the SG200-50?

Tanks in advance for your time & help.

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nicholas nelson


The edge port setting is indeed similar to that of portfast found in traditional cisco ios.  The edge port essentially tells the spanning-tree instance to speed up the convergence and skip the listening and learning states of traditional IEEE STP and immediately start forwarding.  The other setting you want to check is BPDU Guard. This will help protect the switch and your STP instance in lieu of any BPDU's being sent on that port. An end host should not send a BPDU. To click the settings you can follow:

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