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SG300s and Time Ranges

Brian Bergin

For some reason this is just eluding me.  Using WAP371s attached to SG300 PoE swtiches we find that they become unstable after a few days in some situations (in others they never get flaky, it's very strange) and would like to use the Time Range option to automatically power off the PoE ports for a minute in the middle of the night and then power them back on.  The Time Range documentation indicates this is possible but makes no sense.  Seems like I need to create an Immediate/Infinite Time Range then create a recurring one, but

1) there seems to be no way to do it daily (there's no reason why we can't have the WAPs off at 4AM so I don't mind it done daily)

2) When I create such a Time Range and apply it the PoE port is turned off and never turns back on.

Can someone tell me how I create a Time Range that disables (e.g. powers off) one or more PoE ports at say 04:00 and then back on at 04:01 daily?

Thanks and Happy New Year's!

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Hello, My name is Jonathan and i am one of the Engineers here at Cisco Small Business.

Below you will find a link with the settings, please compare and see if it is similar to the one you have been trying. I recommend also to open a case with us so we can take a look at the switch as well. thanks

Thanks Jonathan, however, mimicking your settings does not actually appear to take down the port so the PoE devices will lose power, it just disables traffic on those ports.  What I really need is a way to power cycle the WAP371s we're seeing instability with automatically.  If this isn't the way, do you have another suggestion for a way to do this, perhaps with a telnet script?

Furthermore, attempting to following the PoE section of

it appears that there's a documentation divide.  On Page 413, power inline auto and other options no longer exist in the interface.  In fact, when I enter:

power inline ?

all I get for options are:

sg300-28pp(config)#power inline ?
inrush inrush
legacy legacy
limit-mode limit mode
traps traps
usage-threshold usage threshold

Am I missing something?  Page 413 also seems to imply that if I use:

power inline time-range-name 

I can apply a time range when power will and won't be supplied; however, if that's the same as the KB you sent me to, that doesn't actually remove power from the port.  

Am I missing something?

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