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Powering C9200CX-12T-2X2G via UPOE


‎10-15-2022 11:08 PM

I am using a C9300-48UXM (IOS XE 17.06.04) to power a C9200CX-12T-2X2G (17.09.01). But the C9200CX is not drawing any power from it. Also when I am using the auxiliary power supply to power it up, the port the C9300 comes up and the data traffic works, but still does not draw any power. In both cases I used the port Gi1/1/5 on the C9200CX, which should be the PoE in port.

Has somebody experienced a similar problem?

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Leo Laohoo
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Drawing power from uPoE?  
Not supported.

Yes. As peer datasheet, the C9200CX-12T-2X2G should be able to be powered by 802.3bt class 6 PoE. In my understanding, this is UPOE (60W).

The C9300-48UXM should be able to deliver this power.

@alex.blaeuer wrote:
 the C9200CX-12T-2X2G should be able to be powered

"should be".  

Device needs to have an PoE input port in order to receive PoE.  The C9200CX does not have this.  

The only Cisco-branded switch, that I know of, that can be powered using PoE are the Cisco Micro Switches.


it can powered by uplink ONLY I think according to this slide 

Screenshot (496).png

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