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Resolved! C60 ASSISTANCE

Associate has a c60 and tried to upgrade to TC7.3.0 ... problem was he ran the upgrade without the release key and it should have error'd but didn't and now it's jacked. Does anyone have the syntax to select between particians to get is back to the o...

Resolved! Micrófono activo para codecs serie C ( C40 - C60)

Buenas tardes amigos la pregunta es: es posible transformar un Mic Table 20 de la serie SX para ser usado en un Codec C40? la idea es que encienda el indicador del Mute (en rojo) y el indicadro de desbloqueo (verde) o en el mejor de los casos si exis...

Hosted UC

Is anyone familiar with Cisco's Hosted Unified Communications Services? Does Cisco host this or a partner? Do you know where I can get additional information? I have already read the white paper but would like to know more as far as pricing and so on...