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Resolved! VQ - TMS - CMS

I have CMS cluster and installed VQ Conference MGR. I also have Codians and using TMS. The CMS is on TMS also.  I haven't started using VQ although it's installed and configured.  I tried to schedule a call on TMS using the CMS and two VTC systems. W...

Applying Macro as a TMS template pointing to ZIP file on TMS Server - Experiencing Error in TMS but not on codec

TMS version 15.10.0Endpoint Firmware: CE9.13.0 We experienced the error when applying a macro template from TMS, we checked the video endpoint that the template was applied to and it did not show any errors with the macros. We apply macros using TMS ...

Macros (2).png

Completely disable Ultrasound, Audio Pairing, and all other audio functions that are not needed.

Hello, we are using Cisco SX80's with Biamp DSPs. They are functioning as expected. All table mics go to the DSP, and then to Microphone Input 1 (set to Line) on the Cisco. Then, the line out of the Cisco device goes back to the Biamp to hit the soun...

Issue with External Mic and External Speakers on Cisco Room Kit Plus

Hi all,  We are having a peculiar issue that is consistent across a handful of Cisco Room Kit Plus and Room Kit rooms we are provisioning, but doesn't happen to all of them.  For the Room Kit rooms:- We have a 3rd party external mic and 3rd party ext...