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Resolved! Request for floor on Codian MCU

Hi all,I want to know the meaning of event log output by Codian MCU when an endpoint sent a request for floor.There are logs I captured after I sent a request for floor from MXP endpoint.    13959 2012/07/29 17:29:43.254 CONFERENCE              Info ...

Resolved! Can we replace the CTS 3000 primary codec with CTS 1000 codec

Hi All,Please correct me if i am wrong.Physically CTS 1000 codec and CTS 3000 Primay Codec is look same, i would like to know what is the difference between both codec.Suppose if i replace CTS 3000 primary codec with CTS 1000 codec will it work???Is ...

Resolved! MCU Presence

Can anyone tell me if the Codian MCUs supports publishing presence to a VCS for individual conferences i.e.,, etc..?We used to use OCS and if I recall correctly I'm pretty sure we could see the presence of meeting ro...