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Blackmagic mini recorder


Hi, has anybody been able to use an external camera instead of the computers inbuilt webcam? Ive been trying to use a Blackmagic mini recorder to bring in a signal from my SonyA7iii, but it is not coming up as an option in the camera drop down menu. The Blackmagic audio is available as option. I just want to get a HD  video feed happening.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
For the most part, an HDMI or USB source is going to work.
Lately with both laptops feeds and Room kit feeds, I have been connecting up GoPro's - wireless HDMI on Room Kit - Camlink4k HDMI/USB converter for laptops. This has been working very well for our training team new to virtual led training.

Thanks for reply Mike. I'm using the BM mini recorder and it's not being recognised in the drop down menu. It's recognising the BM audio link. Maybe i should try the camlink. just a bit of a waste if it doesnt work though. So, you have been able to pick different camera options, like GoPro, in the video drop down menu?


Yes, when I use the camlink (HDMI to USB converter) - Webex drop down shows camlink as a option for video. I have not tried anything other than the go pro but i suspect any HDMI input would work.


The BlackMagic Mini Recorder is a brick with Webex Teams/Meetings.  My team has been trying to get it to work for 6 months now. Google Meet works fine with the BlackMagic and a GoPro Hero 4 Black or Sony AX100 in 1080p30 or 720p60 ( GoPro Hero 6 Black DOES NOT WORK ).  Could Cisco please fix the support for the BlackMagic Mini Recorder.

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