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Cannot control camera Precision 60 via HTTP


Hi All

I have a codec SX80 with a camera precision 60, is connected as Installation guide show it. but I cannot control the camera via web. My Config is(See the image attached):


Could you help  me told me that I need to control the camera via web?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Do you have speaker track or presenter track enabled?  Usually you cannot manually control the camera if those are turned on.

Hi Mike


the codec is just connected to camera and touch10.

Hi, so can you check in the web admin these settings:
Cameras > Presenter Track > Enabled (True/False)
Cameras > Speaker Track > Mode (Auto / Off)

For manual camera control, both need to be set to False / Off.

You can also confirm from the Touch 10. If you press the camera icon in the top right, you will see the controls if speaker track is disabled, or no controls will be visible if it is enabled.

Hi Mike

I did the changes but the issue continues.

Can you control the camera from the Touch 10? If not, do you have the Ethernet cable connected between the camera and one of the peripheral Ethernet ports on the SX80? Also, what software version are you running?


Hi PMjack


Yes I can control the camera with the touch10, but I need control it via web.

I am guessing that your issue isn't that you can't control the camera, but is that you just can't see on the web interface what the camera is pointing at.

If you click on the arrows and zoom buttons on the web interface, the camera will likely move.  

You can't see what the camera is pointing at as you possibly don't have a "Remote Monitoring" Option Key installed on to your endpoint.

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Hi Wayne


and How Can I get this option "remote control"?

The "Remote Monitoring" Option Key is an additional licence that you will need to purchase for any endpoint which you wish to be able to see the cameras in the web interface.

You would purchase this through your normal Cisco purchase methods.

There is a section on Remote Monitoring on page 212 of the SX80 Admin Guide.

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