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Codian ISDN GW 3241 - File system error

Dean O'Meara


We are finding when we are trying to dial out using the gateway it is very hit and miss to get an outside line to make the call. We have had a look on the Codian and we are getting the below error messages. Has anyone seen these before?

We are planning on rebooting this tonight but I suspect it may not come back up. Error below.

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That error message relates to the storage of CDR records. These are stored on an external compact flash card which is inserted into the front of the unit. This CF card isn't used for anything else during the day-to-day running of the unit (apart from audit logs if you have these enabled), so if there is a problem with it it should not affect the unit's ability to boot up. If you want to stop this error from happening temporarily then you can always disable CDR logging and clear the CDR logs.

This particular error message can correspond to several operations failing, so if there is a problem with the external CF card or its filesystem the easiest way to resolve this would probably be to replace the card.

However, resolving the CDR problem will most likely have no effect on the problem that you originally reported, that it is "

very hit and miss to get an outside line to make the call."




Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes we have disabled the CDR Logging for now however I am unable to Delete the call detail record, which if the CF card is no longer working correctly this would make sense as the box can no longer write too this card to delete the record, correct?

Yes, although due to the nature of how CDR storage is implimented there are usually some restrictions which will not let you delete the last few records immediately. If you have disabled CDR logging then you should be able to remove the CF card and restart the gateway - it will work perfectly fine without the external CF card, however the CDR and audit logging features will be unavailable.


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