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CUCM with Exchange UM SIP Trunk Issue


I have a customer with a CUCM 6.1 environment that uses Exchange UM as their VM system. They have a standard setup between the two that appears to have been setup using the implementation guide for Exchange UM. The problem is this:

When someone calls an executive and they are not available, the executive assistant will pickup the call.

If the calling party asks for the executives voice mail, the assistant will transfer the call to the executives voice mail.

At this point, this is where the trouble begins, Exchange UM thinks the calling party is the executive and will prompt for the VM PIN.

Looking at a packet capture in CUCM and Exchange, the SIP invite shows the Diversion calling party as the executives extension and NOT the original calling party.

Ive done a lot of searching and the only issue I have come across in relation is the Diversion stack not being in order because of an old bug in CUCM but its not even stacking the Diversion, its just forwarding the executives extension:


Any ideas before I open a TAC case? 

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Hi Taelon,

I am running into exactly the same issue, did you get this figured out?



I am still having this issue, any idea can share with me? Thanks much

This is the workaround:

I went to the Softkey Templates.  I copied the current template that is in use (Standard User Modified 7961G) and named it Standard User Modified 7961G – Admin Asst.  I then went into the template and selected the Configure Softkey Layout.  I changed the ‘Select Call State To Configure’ to ‘On Hold’.  I then moved over Immediate Divert (iDivert).  I saved and applied the configuration.

Then I went to my test phones and changed the Softkey Template to use the one I created, Standard User Modified 7961G – Admin Asst.  I saved and applied the config and restarted the phone.

Now when a caller calls in on the bosses line the assistant answers the call like they always have.  They place the caller on hold and then press the iDivert button.  The caller is then sent to the bosses voicemail with the correct caller prompts.

That works great, thank you so much for the help.

Much appreciated.

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