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Dial-Peer configs


I'm trying to exchange calls between 2 SIP proxies and and a cisco gateway (AS5300)
Let me first show you what what I'm trying to accomplish before I explain my problem


Calls are sent from proxy 1 to proxy 2 with prefix 2222
Calls are sent from proxy 2 to proxy 1 with prefix 1111
Proxy 1 and proxy 2 calls out to PSTN through the gateway with prefix 9999
proxy 1 and proxy 2 do NOT dial fixed length digits after the prefix, it always varies.

here are my dial peers settings:

dial-peer voice 1111 voip
destination-pattern 1111T
voice-class codec 10
session protocol sipv2
session target ipv4:
dtmf-relay rtp-nte
no vad
dial-peer voice 2222 voip
destination-pattern 2222T
voice-class codec 10
session protocol sipv2
session target ipv4:
dtmf-relay rtp-nte
no vad

dial-peer voice 100 pots
destination-pattern 9999T
no digit-strip
port 0:D

I'm sure I have Dial-peers not configured right but I cannot figure it out.
when SIP proxy 1 calls exten 2222175 at proxy 2 going through the AS5300, the  AS5300 returns (SIP/2.0 404 Not Found).  Any guidance on how I can  accomplish this task is really appreciated, I'm no cisco guy but I'm  under so much pressure

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Dave,

The dialpeers look correct. Although we need incoming peers too. For example:

dial-peer voice 100 voip

incoming called-number .

codec xx

Understanding Inbound and Outbound Dial Peers Matching:

When you call through the Access server like this it will be an IPIP call. Make sure you have:

voice service voip

allow-connection sip to sip

configure. And also I would not use voice class codec. It is not supported with IPIP gateway below the version 15.1(2)T. It might lead to codec mismatch. If after adding the commands which I have suggested the calls still does not work please collect:

debug ccsip messages

debug voice ccapi inout

from the AS5300 along with the dialpeer configuration.

Best regards,


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