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Directory for Video endpoints on multiple clusters

Eric Ingram

Hi All,


I have have 3 different clusters with video endpoints (mostly webex room series) and have a requirement that the directory for the endpoints have the list of all other video endpoints in our environment.  I have tried TMS but that solutions is very cumbersome and TMS continues to throw Http feedback errors on the systems (another topic for another thread).  I wanted to throw this out to see if 1)any one has similar requirements 2) how would you solve this issue. BONUS 3) I also have some cloud registered endpoints and would like to have the same directory applied there also.


All clusters are CUCM 12.5

Cluster A only has video endpoints and uses the CUCM end user data as the directory source

Cluster B & C have a mixture of phones and video endpoints previously used TMS (now decommissioned)

Cloud Registered has no solutions for on premise video being added to directory


Any thoughts, suggestions are much appreciated.





In a multi luster environment, TMS phone books is the easiest solution and here is why because it's a single source of truth. You can achieve this with cucm but only if you have a consolidated directory using something like AD LDS. 

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Thanks @Ayodeji Okanlawon, As mentioned I previously accomplished this with TMS however by default the SIP address used in the directory was "directorynumber@domain" and our preference was using the SIP URI address so I built a .csv file that included the SIP URI and uploaded to TMS.  TMS did not scale since the file had to be updated every time we installed a new endpoint.  I suppose we could revert to TMS and make the "direcotrynumber@domain" work but its not preferred.


Am I missing something in how we implemented TMS?  Keep in mind we only had TMS deployed as a directory solution since endpoints configuration were controlled by CUCM.

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