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EX90 - Audio problems


Our unit causes static on the far end so long as the microphone is active; if we mute, the other side does not hear any issue. we have checked and upgraded firmware, but problem remains, and think an RMA to Cisco may be necessary. What steps are requried to generate the RMA request?     

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Martin Koch

Hi Don!

First it might be a good idea to remove all unecessary external connections

(like audio cables, hdmi/dvi/vga, ...) so in short, only have the power, network and touchpanel


Also check if there is something in the environment which causes any trouble (mobile phones,

strong magnetic fields, ...) It can be worth giving a try to place it at a different location and try it there.

But sure, if its defective, ...

An RMA might require a specific date of purchase  or a valid service contract.

I would recommend that you contact your Cisco partner / point of sale.

More info about RMA in general can be found on the cisco site, use the search or google.


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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

hi Martin:

Thanks. Yes, all I have connected is the power, Ethernet, and touch panel. The unit has been tried in different locations with the same result.

I'll find out our cisco rep, and see if an RMA can be generated.

Hi Don,

What input source are you using when you're getting the static?  Is it with the handset, or the inbuilt mic/speaker, or with another input source (Bluetooth headset)?  Does the static go away when you try another source?

If it's with the handset connected to the touchpanel, it may be a loose or dirty connection between the handset and touchpanel, or between the touchpanel and the EX causing the issue.

Failing any of that, and your unit has an active service contract, you should be able to RMA it.



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We're using the built-in Mic. We don't have an available alternate mic to try, nor a handset on the touch pad.

As far as the touchpad, I could disconnect the connection and try to clean with De-Oxit, then re-seat and see if it improves.....

Hi Don,

from your problem description, it seems like hardware failure to me

Hi all,

I have DX 90 the touch panel connected direct the dx-90 direct. We attached the touch panel to handset. Initially it was not detecting the handset after factory rest to the touch panel it is detecting. We are able to see the two option as Speaker and handset on the touch panel. In the handset you can listen to the tone when you dial any number also you are able to listen to the ring tone. After the other side pickup the call you are able to listen to them but they can not listen voice. Is it hardware Applicable or what!!!!!!! 

HI ,

I'm assuming you are talking about EX90 ( as there is nothing like DX90 in DX series).

It seems to be matching the known defect of Microphone failure on EX90 device.

You can open a TAC case including this defect ID CSCtr09359 in the subject line and get it replaced.

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hi, we have had the same issue with a couple of our EX90's.  The solution was getting a replacement microphone for the unit. Careful on your purchase though as not just any 1/8 microphone will work.  I would suggest looking for a replacement on ebay as they are usually available for <$50   Good luck.  if you have Smartnet you can RMA the mic only.


I just replaced the touch panel with cradle it is working fine. It is hardware issue.

Hi to all,

Yes it is hardware problem I just replaced it. It is working fine.


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