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Expressway-C and Hybrid connector for Teams

Brett Walters

I have had a ticket open with Cisco for almost two weeks now, without much result.  granted, they have had bigger issues over the last week or so with the worldwilde Webex outage. But here is my issue.  Prior to the Webex outage, hybrid calendar and OBTP operated via ExpresswayC and Exchange 2010.  However, it was only populating meeting information like video links/URI...etc. It was *not* adding in the dial-in phone numbers (our internal partner setup was the same, and working completely). That was how I opened the ticket originally.  Then the outage happened - and before we knew there was a complete failure and long restoration process, or Hybrid calendaring stopped working altogether.  So we tried many ways and times to reconfigure it. Even downloading the latest OVA and starting all over.  We deactivated and removed everything from the Webex Admin control online, ran the xcommand on the VMware appliance to remove its configuration as well, and started clean.  Multiple times.  We're stuck where the Exchange Connector is configured.  Prior to (and our partner ExpresswayC is set up this way currently - and working normally), we configured Exchange Discover directly - not Active Directory. we simply point it at the SSL published name and connected it.  Now the moment you change the Discover method from Active Directory to Provide Exchange Address Directly - the Add button simply no longer works.  No error, no delay, no warning. Simply does nothing. In IE, Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Nothing. It depresses like you clicked it, but nothing happens. Change ti Active Directory, the button works normal. This is extremely frustrating that the config that worked 10 days ago no longer does.


Has *anyone* seen this?

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