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Expressway-E Dual NIC


Hello community,


We have Expressway E dual NIC deployment and i have question regarding the ports H323. On the firewall port 1720 TCP already open but still it showing closed on the TAC CSA SRV and port test.



On the Expressway E H323 protocol configuration, why the LAN 2 (outside int.) IP and ports are not showing while for SIP is showing??? Is this normal? We are thinking port 1720 is not activated on LAN 2 of Expressway-E tha'ts why port 1720 is not reachable from internet.


h323 single - Copy.PNG

sip dual - Copy.PNG

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Scott Leport
Rising star
Rising star

Hi there,


Do you have the appropriate DNS SRV records required for H.323?


Port 1720 should be showing as open on the CSA under normal circumstances, so no this is not normal.


Have you checked the event logs on Expressway C and E for anything untoward?


What version of Expressway are you running? Have you consulted the IP Port Usage document for your version of Expressway? As an example, here is the 12.5 version:




Hi Scott,

Expressway version is X12.6.4. 

My question is why in the Expressway H323 protocol config, the LAN 2 is not showing? 

Hi there,


Having checked an Expressway E which has dual-NIC and H.323 enabled, this is only displaying LAN 1 under the H.323 protocol config so I would believe this is expected. This is also with H.323 enabled on the Expressway C.




Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor

I never tried h323, but I think the h.323 status showing is as expected. I will update you testing on my lab. 


Have you  enabled H323 on expressway C ?



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Hi Nithin,


H323 is enabled on both Expressway and the traversal zone is active for H323 and SIP. 



Checking on Expressway-C the Assent and H460.18 are inactive.expwy-c-h323.PNG


But on Expressway-E all are active:


Please let me know if you have the same status?

I have the same status too. Having done a bit of digging, I expect this is normal behaviour.

Did you notice this thread at all? Looks like it's a similar query to yours:


Can you try the port using  putty option.

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