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Expressway LIC-EXP-RMS Rich Media Session license requirements


I can't seem to find the answer documented anywhere on this. The docs state:

Each concurrent call session terminating on a system not using Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Business Edition or Cisco HCS (for example, B2B calls and Jabber Guest) requires a Cisco Expressway Rich Media Session license. Also, each concurrent call requiring interworking also requires a Cisco Expressway Rich Media Session license. Examples of such calls include H.323-to-SIP interworked calls or H.264 SVC-to-H.264 AVC calls.

So assuming I have an EX90 registered to my CUCM, and I want to place a call that terminates at some external companies video endpoint across the internet, by way of my Expressway Core and Expressway Edge pair, do I need the LIC-EXP-RMS just on the Expressway E, or do I need the license on both boxes?

If it's the latter, do you have to pay for 2 sessions to get 1 call like described, or can the same license be applied to both boxes (although it can only be registered/bound to one serial number) ?

Just the answer would be great, link(s) to supporting documentation would be even better.




Chad Marsh 

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Hi Hong,


do you mean that the expressway free traversal license is considered as RMS and we need to order only one another RMS to be able to do a B2B call ?


also do you know if Cisco start to offer one year trial for the RMS license ?




hi Hythim,


>also do you know if Cisco start to offer one year trial for the RMS license ?

knowing Cisco policies and habits I suppose that it isn't possible in the near future.

I've seen maximum time for trial options for 90 days and I think if you are going to do some testing it's pretty enough time for that.


Each option license is bundled with your VCS serial number, so it is only valid for one VCS. 


Hello everyone,

I´m confused about when to use Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS-C) or Cisco Expressway solution because both are suppose to be used to enable video calling with third parties.

would you clarify please?


thanks you so much in advance!


Network Admin

I have 100 RMS Session license. Below is my Scenario.

One Expressway Core , One Expressway Edge ,Cisco Unified Communications Manager , IMP Server.

1. All the Jabber End Points are Registered with CUCM. Internal Jabber Client , IP Phones will Communicate with External Jabber Client , other TP End Points outside . All the external and internal End Points Registered to CUCM.

2. B2B Calls required , H323-SIP Interworking required.

So as a best practice , I have to provide 50 RMS lic to Expressway core and 50 RMS License to Expressway Edge.???  Please give your comments ?