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Jabber for Windows - Share Desktop with Telepresence option greyed out


Hi all,

I have seen several posts about this, found some solutions but nothing works for me.


Let me explain.


I use Jabber 10.6 for Windows, connected to IM Presence server v10.5

I use a Tandberg Edge 95MXP connected to VCS server.

I use a Cisco IP Communicator softphone and/or a 6900 series phone.


When I do a call between two Jabber clients, the video is OK, the audio is Ok, and the share desktop is OK.

When I do a call between a Jabber client and the conferencing system, the video and sound are OK, but the Desktop share button is greyed out.

I cannot share a desktop when connect to the meeting room.


On CUCM in the SIP profile menu, the "Allow Presentation Sharing using BFCP" option is checked.


Any idea of why I cannot share my desktop between Jabber and videoconferencing system ?


Thank you

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normal calls between two Jabber clients are working with bfcp desktop sharing, so the sip profile for the clients should be ok.

Which version are you running on the vcs?
Do you have a sip trunk between cucm and vcs?
Did you check bfcp is enabled for the trunk?

Is there any firewall between the cucm, vcs and tandberg edge 95mxp? Sometimes sip inspection breaks bfcp.



Another problem here - the MXP only does H.263 for content, while the Jabber client does H.264. I'm pretty sure this won't work. Try it to a newer (C series) client instead of the MXP - if that works this is your problem. Do you have an MCU or Telepresence server? That should support either and transcode as needed - try that too. 

The SIP Profile for VCS SIP Trunk should use H.263 in such call scenario for desktop Sharing


|<----------------- Desktop Sharing (H.263) ----------------|

as long as no MCU or TelePresence in the call you should use H.263


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