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MRA Question - DNS requirement



I need to enable MRA on Expressway. On the Expressway-C Traversal zone configuration, the peer address is the Expressway-E FQDN. So do i need to create a A record for Expressway-E on the internal DNS to resolve the FQDN?

Also, is it required to add internal  DNS IP on Expressway-E or public DNS is enough?


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Nithin Eluvathingal
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Yes you need  A record on internal DNS, that will be based on the deployment. Is your internal domain  external domain same ? what kind of deployment, dual Nic or single NIC 


if your internal and external domain is different you need to create sub zone  for external domain and add A record.




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Hi Nithin,


Dual NIC deployment and Domain is the same for internal and external. 


Internal DNS create A record for Expressway E pointing  to your Internal NIC ip. 




Expressway C ip

Expressway E internal ip

Epxressway E DMZ nic nated to public ip. 


Internal A record will resolve to


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Thanks Nithin.


For the Expressway-E dual NIC deployment, default gateway will be external (DMZ NIC)? 

Do i need to add route to internal network as gateway internal NIC?

This is from My Lab which is working.





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It depends on your topology. If you like us have the two interfaces on the E node connected to different DMZ networks you’d need to have a route to the internal network. Whereas if you have the internal network interface on E and the C connected to the same network as @Nithin Eluvathingal it’s not required.

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As @Roger Kallberg the routing depends on your setup. The one which I shared above has E internal  NIC and C is on same network. 



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