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Multiway between registred and unregistred endpoints



Did someone already implement Multiway conferencing using the following setup:

Few endpoint (C20) registred to VCS cluster (X7.1)

MCU 4510 (4.2).

We did implement Multiway and it work for registred (to VCS cluster).  If we try to do Multiway with 2 registred endpoints + 1 unregistred endpoint (C20 or MXP) that doesn't work.

Reviewed the Cisco Multiway deployment guide it is not clear to me if this should work or not with an unregistred endpoint.

If this is possible can you guide me on how to implement it?  Thanks in advance.


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this should work, assuming that the unregistered endpoint is able to route the call to the Multiway template result alias (The URI which is generated by the Conference Factory application on the VCS by using the user-defined template) using DNS SRV.

For instance, if your Conference Factory template is '', it means that the unregistered endpoint will have to be able to route the Multiway-escalated call to your video network, using DNS SRV lookups for '', and also that your search rules will allow this call (Which should normally ingress on your Expressway) to reach the VCS which the Multiway MCU is registered to.

- Andreas

Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your quick reply.  As I am not a dns specialist I did browse the net and I did found some explanation


So If I understand it correclty we need to ask DNS admin to add entry for ""

This should be someting like this? 86400 IN SRV 10 5 5060 86400 IN SRV 10 5 5060

Where is the srv record for the VCS cluster (VCS1 and VCS2)

Can you please confirm?  Thanks in advance.


Hi Ahmed,

yes you would have to add the appropriate H323 and SIP DNS SRV records for and point these to your VCS Expressway. I assume that the unregistered endpoint in this case is located somewhere on the Internet and not on your internal network?

Please consult the VCS Administrators Guide for X7.1, section "URI dialing via DNS for incoming calls" on pages 187-190 for more details on configuring DNS SRV records.

- Andreas

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