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P60 Camera Ceiling Mount




If I am mounting my (2) P60 Cameras to the ceiling, is there a way to invert the display of the video? In other words, because I am mounting my cameras to the ceiling and they will be upside down, is there a setting to ensure the video does not display upside down? If so can you elaborate the settings. 


Also, are there any anticipated issues when programming (2) P60 Cameras to a single Codec? 


Very Respectfully 

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Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor

AFAIK these cameras are not designed to mount on top of the ceiling. And on the Camera Guide no where i see option to mount on the ceiling.  so i don't think a possibility of rotating the video. you need to check in the Codec admin guide which you are going to use.


connecting two camera depends on the Codec which you are going to  use.


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Thank you for writing.
The codec I am attempting to plug two P60 cameras into is the CS-KITP60-K9. Would this be possible? Are there any additional requirements needed?


Have look on below link.


There is only one camera control to connect p60 with CS kit plus. I don't think its possible to connect two camera. But you can take video output from another video source and plug  it to CS kit Hdmi 2 and 3. 


Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 6.47.49 AM.png

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Wayne DeNardi
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VIP Advisor

The codec (assuming you're using something recent running a current software version) should have an option in it to allow the P60 camera to "Flip" the image - by default on a RoomKit codec, it's set to "Auto" and lets the camera automatically sense which orientation it is in and transmit the correctly flipped video if it is mounted from the ceiling.

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