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Potential Impact with TMS 14.3

Joseph Burkitt


I wanted to start a discussion on the potential impact of upgrading to TMS 14.3.  Below are the highlights of the concerns I have, mainly because I want to integrate with Exchange.  Thanks for your help.

CSCuc50556 TMS allocates the wrong dial in number for allocated port on the MCU

CSCuh89503 Scheduled conference with extremely long durations (one to two years) can suddenly end for no apparent reason, a long time before the conference is scheduled to end.

I've also added addtional concerns (attached). What is Cisco's recommendation?


Joe B.


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Joseph,

CSCuc50556 - Wrt this issue, and as described in the RNE conditions, this problem isn't persistent. However, we have put in improved routing logic logging in 14.3 so has to ascertain the specific issue in this case.

CSCuh89503 - This has been fixed in an upcoming maintenance release of 14.3, aka 14.3.1. Due out end of Sept/beginning of Oct.

CSCua51358 - This issue seems to occur when the CUCM cluster is rebooted or when CTS endpoints
move to different servers in the cluster. The problem appears to clear itself after a day or two.
The specific reason for this issue is still under investigation.

CSCue18466 - This issue is very specific when using E.164 aliases and dial plan specific.
The specific reason for this issue is still under investigation.

CSCue66084 - Fixed in upcoming maintenance release, i.e. 14.3.1.

CSCuh57929 - Fixed in upcoming maintenance release, i.e. 14.3.1.

Other than maybe CSCuh89503, none of the rest of these defects should concern you with regards to
integrating with Exchange, i.e. TMSXE 3.1.2. Therefore, I would recommend upgrading to
TMS 14.3...or if prefer...wait until the 14.3.1 maintenance release.



Hi Dale,

Can we have a beta version of TMS 14.3.1 as you are saying that some issues have already been fixed?

Paulo Souza

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Paulo Souza Was my response helpful? Please rate useful replies and remember to mark any solved questions as "answered".

Sorry not my call and not something we normally (or can) do per Cisco policies. However, and as discussed, it will be released publically to both customers and partners at the end of this month/beginning of Oct.



Hi Dale,

Just for your information, Logs from the time of issue for Bug CSCuc50556 are added to SR 623186013.

Thanks for the feedback, Dale. We are going to move forward with the upgrade.

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