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Provisiong item "Forgot password link" for Jabber video via TMS

Chris Swinney

Hey all - last one for today,

Is there a way that a user provision in TMS for Jabber use, yet not actually added to the TMS users list or set to be able to log onto the TMS server, can retrieve a password from TMS? If so what is the default URL for this on a standard TMS installation so that I can add it to the Provisioning configuration template.

I have read through several docs , and although I can see information as to what the configuration item "Forgot PasswordUrl" is, I can see no indication of what a default URL might actually be.

Many thanks


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what version of Jabber and TMS are you using? is this TMSPE? what do you mean by forgot password link?

on TMS you can find the user and reset the password for that user there. Jabber client after authentication download the provisioning template in order to find out where it can register itself and what domain to publish its presence status to, etc.

without provisioning, Jabber client won't register.

or did I totally miss your question?

regards, Ahmad

Oops, I put the version on the other posts - forgot about this one

TMS 14.2.1. TMSPE v1, VCS x7.1, Jabber Video 4.6

What I mean regarding the forgot password link is the URL that would be used in the pre-configuration of the Jabber Video client based Jabber Video 4.6 (but also earlier I believe), as outlined on page 11 in the Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence 4.6 Administrator Guide - Not the provisioning template as I outlined previously.

I assume that this can be set to a URL pointing to the TMS server in order that a user can simply reset their Jabber password, but for the life of me I can see what this would be and the administration guide does offer much help.



Ever figure it out? I have no idea. I'm sure it needs to point to the tms, but the exact url i'm really confused with.  Adding to what you said, the admin, install and user guides all just seem to skip what you would want to reference.

Nope - I'm with you - I can't see any decent reference in any of the guides.

Please add to the "I have this problem too" link at the top


Give "https:///tmsagent/tmsportal/#settings" a shot. I had pretty good luck with that.

So for example:

or, assuming the DNS name of the server is "tmsservername".


I found using this, that A) the user, used (or at least in my case) their Active directory credentials to log into the settings page, which prevents them from needing thier jabber client's password. and B) That takes them to a field where they can enter whatever password they want, with no confirmation.
Let me know how that works for you, it resolved my issue!


Edited to add tmsservername example.

Hi Jere,

Do you use TMS Legacy Agent for provisioning or TMSPE? We are useing TMS v14.2.2 with TMSPE v1

It seems that although I can see a virtual directory in IIS for tmsagent in the default web site, there is nothing in the virtual folder that references tmsportal - hence I get a 404 page not found error.


Douglas Baggett

Was there any resolution for this?

I don't use AD (not yet at least), and provision passwords on account creation from the TMS myself but what if the user forget's their password? Is there no way for them to do it themselves via a web link?

Not that I know of. I attend an online Cisco Webinar where i asked question about the TMS API. I was asked to email the guys directly, which I did (twice) but I never heard anything back.

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