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registering Multiple IP to IP gateways (load balanced) to a Viazone GK


Hi Everyone,

Does anyone here have any experience of registering multiple IP to IP gateways to a viazone enabled gatekeeper? I have calculated that in a videoconferencing environment, that a 3725 router can handle approximately 45 concurrent sessions. I beleive that this infrastructure supports the registration of load balanced IPIPGW's, such that I can double, treble etc this capacity, as well as introducing resilience.

If anyone can shed some light on how this is done I would appreciate it very much.

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Resource management on the IP-to-IP gateway can be performed through H.323v4 call capacities. Traditional Resource Availability Indicator (RAI) mechanisms available on voice gateways are not supported. However, call capacities can be used to simulate RAI mechanisms such as resource management. The IP-to-IP gateway reports call capacity through H.323v4 call-capacity fields to the gatekeeper. It is also possible to reserve a capacity for a particular carrier in the scheme. Gatekeepers can load-balance among the IP-to-IP gateways using the call-capacity information supplied by the IP-to-IP gateway.

Via-zone gatekeepers operate as usual for non-IP-to-IP applications. Gatekeepers in via-zones support resource management (for example, gateway selection and load balancing) using the capacities field in the H.323 Version 4 RAS messages.

Thanks for the reply.

I'd seen this document already, which lead me to beleive that what I want to do can actually be done. But there's nothing there to indicate how the gateways and gatekeeper should be configured in a multiple local IP to IP gateway situation.

Or is it just a case of registering more than one IPIPGW into the viazone and it all happens automatically without any additional configuration? My guess is this isn't the case.

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