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Room Kit Pro not shipping with Phoenix Conns?

Shawn Jones

Anyone else getting Webex Room Kit Pro Codecs shipped without the audio phoenix connectors?


We have had two show up without connectors in the last month.

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Yes, this is correct.  The WRK Pro does not include euroblock connectors at this time.  Cisco is working on creating an accessory pack that will be optional, but at this time it is not available.  Last I heard was that they would be free, like the rack ears; just not automatically included.

Justin Ferello

So, you contact Cisco about getting them shipped for WRKP being shipped? Why would they not ship a necessary connector?!?


I had 16 of them show up without them.  This is a huge miss on Cisco's part . $28k for a codec and you can't send $5 in parts needed to make it work? To an integrator this makes the endpoint almost unusable out of the box.  We are now scrambling to find enough connectors to get our project off the ground

Is there a specification on that Phoenix?

We are going to order a few of these for our training clinics this year.  We are debating on whether or not to purchase external DSP's.  What has been your experience with the WK Pro?  Does it work good on its own with having 3rd party microphones going straight in?  Or do you think it still needs an external DSP?  

Also, are there any new features in the web admin GUI to manage the audio inputs/outputs?

I have no experience with DSPs, I just support the Cisco equipment.


As for the the euroblock connectors, they are now included with the RK Pro and can be ordered from Cisco for older RK Pro deliveries that did not include them.


As of 5/20 the RK Pro has started shipping with Euroblock connectors.


If a customer has an existing RK Pro and needs to order some, they can use this PID:


Justin Ferello

The Cisco Room Kit Pro is what I recommend whenever using third part mics.  This is the only Room Kit that Cisco has which supports direct use with 3rd party mics.  The Room Kit Plus needs an external DSP / automixer to get 3rd party mics to work correctly.  This reason is one of the main reasons to recommend the Room Kit Pro over the Room Kit Plus.  When ordering make certain to buy the correct part number with either 3.5mm or Phoenix connectors depending on the wiring connections used by your 3rd party mics.    

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