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SIP URI Including PIN from Video Endpoint

Chase Stevensen


Several of my customers wants to provide the ability to include PIN in SIP URI to facilitate the connection to meeting from video endpoint. There are various scenarios where this feature will be helpful.

The format would be: xxxxx@domain,,PIN# (e.g.:,,1234#)

IP Phones and Jabber clients support such patterns and I am not sure why endpoint such as SX20, Room 55 device, etc... don't. When trying to do so with device registered on CCM or VCS, it looks like the device tries to resolve ",,1234#" using a DNS request and fails for obvious reasons.

Can anyone from Cisco clarify why it is not supported and if it will soon be?


P.S.: The question was already approched in 2015:

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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

The issue is there is no agreed standard on how this should be done between manufacturers or systems, so it will largely depend on what it is you are dialling in to to support some kind of format.  Adding something to the end of a SIP URI means it's no longer a valid SIP URI, which is why it fails when you dial it from one of the systems you mentioned.


One example that I have seen used by one of the Internet VC providers that maintains the SIP URI format is [Meeting ID].[Password].[Layout].[Host Key]@[IP Address or Domain].  This could be in your example, but that dial format is specific to their infrastructure.

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Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your answer. 

Well I would appreciate if Cisco would share how how to achieve the intended call without customising the SIP was it will require further treatment on the side of the call processing unit. My customers use very standard Cisco UC infrastructure with CUCM and SX20. Again, it is possible to from Jabber, a phone, the voicemail or Webex. To me delivering the same functionality should be the natural way to go.

Have you tried using proximity to connect the VC system to the Webex meeting? That way you should not need to reformat the SIP uri as it’s the proximity client, Webex Meeting Desktop app on Windows or Webex app on a smartphone or Jabber or Webex Teams or the stand-alone Cisco Proximity application that instructs how to connect to the meeting.

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Hello Roger,

Thanks but proximity is not applicable. One of the use case in question is to push the OBTP URL with the PIN code into sepcific device.

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