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sx-20 serial number


I have an SX20 and i don't know what is the correct serial number to register it with a Cisco contract mantenance.

In the box different numbers are available.

  • CTS-QSC20-MIC----------- S/N 120........
  • CTS-RMT-TRC5------------ S/N F1A........
  • CTS-PHD1080P4XS2------ S/N FTT1.......
  • CTS-SX20CODEC-K9------ S/N FTT1......

I already know that these numbers correspond to different parts of the equipment, but the box have another serial number of the product:

  • CTS-SX20-PHD4X-K9----- S/N FCZ......

Anyone know what is the correct serial number?


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Eduard,

try with this one:


  • CTS-QSC20-MIC - microphone
  • CTS-RMT-TRC5- remote control....
  • CTS-PHD1080P4XS2 - camera
  • CTS-SX20CODEC-K9- codec

Hi Andrey.

Thanks for your response, i'll try  with this serial number.

Hi Eduard,

Make sure you get all the minor items covered/ updated under  the parent Package Sn which is



Ravi Kr.

Hi Ravi, thank for your response.

Dear all,


How can i find serial number for



I don't have container box for main part.

I have all of box for other units.




Please help to find main part serial number.


my mail:



hi Kaung,


Any specific reason you are looking for the Sn of the integrated part number for all the equipments.

in order to get the SN of the requested part id, you can look into the PO you have received

or you can reach to cisco customer service, and provide any of the parts SN, either camera or codec , Cisco CS would be able to provide you the details.


hope this helps.



Ravi kr.


As Ravi has mentioned, you can contact Cisco and they should be able to look up the information for you.  However if you just want to the serial numbers of the codec and camera, they are located on the bottom of the hardware, or you can see them in the web interface, under Configuration > Peripherals.

And, if you plug in the serial number of the codec in to the licencing portal ( in a "Get Other Licences", "TelePresence Licences to Resend" request, it'll show you both the Hardware Serial Number (of the device you entered) and the "System SN" for the whole system it was part of.

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Please remember to mark helpful responses and to set your question as answered if appropriate.

Hi Wayne,


I really appreciate your help.

I got the system SN for the whole system.


Thank you,


Hi Wayne,


I already ordered for Smartnet service for that device.

Could you give me guide line for Software update process.

Where can I find the instruction and step by step.


Thank you,


If you use TMS, you can do the following:

  1. Upgrade TC software to TMS by going to Systems > System Upgrade > Software Manager.
  2. Go to Systems > System Upgrade > System Upgrade and select the codec you're wanting to upgrade.  Click Next.
  3. Enter the release key you received from the Cisco License Portal or TAC.  Click Upgrade.

If you don't use TMS, you can do the following:

  1. Login into the codec, and go to Maintenance > Software Upgrade
  2. Input the release key and apply it to the codec.  When prompted to reboot, select cancel.
  3. Upload the TC software to the codec.  The codec will reboot automatically after upload and apply both the release key and new software.

Hi Patrick,


Thanks for your reply.

We don't have TMS, so I choose second option.

Your "code" means contract code which we can find on smartnet form.

Am I right?


Is there any risk for Software update.


Thank you,


Hi Kaung,

  1. Obtain the software file via the TAC, or download the software from the Cisco Web Site:!b&softwareid=280886992&mdfid=284091229&release=TC7.3.0&flowid=  It'll be the third file there, s52010tc7_3_0.pkg
  2. Open your web browser and log in to your SX20's web interface and go to the System Upgrade page mentioned by Patrick previously and install the software upgrade.
  3. The device will upgrade and reboot.

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Please remember to mark helpful responses and to set your question as answered if appropriate.

Hi Wayne,


I would like to know different between CTS-SX20-PHD12X-K9 and CTS-SX20-12XK9-PRM. Can I connect with this two model in multisite area?


Thank you,



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