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TC7.3.3 is released

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I am pleased to announce that TC7.3.3 has been released.


This version contains mainly bug fixes but has also re-named the web-snapshot feature to "Remote Monitoring". To activate this feature in TC7.3.3 an option key is now required. Please read the release notes for more details.


Note: There are currently some issues publishing the release notes at the time of this post, please stay tuned as it will be available in an hour or two. We are sorry for any issues this may cause. I have attached a copy of the release note to this post just in case.


The release notes has been refurbished and will no longer list specific bugs but rather provide a pre-defined bug search in the Cisco bug tool. This gives a better and dynamic overview of open and resolved caveats.




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Pretty sad story. I have done the whole procedure now and finally have my keys. So I can really tell honestly that this is a real disappointment.

The amount of work and the complicated way to obtain it really does not help.

And that the unit has to reboot for such a key update is another story.

Not sure how far away certain CTUG colleagues are from the community and market.




@Magnus Ohm - I'd suggest you contact Jason Shearer and Richard McLeod at Cisco, there is a huge SPARK conversation going on RE this change and it's not a happy partner community.


Thank you for the feedback all. Here is facts:

The licensing team has been instructed to provide the keys without the need for a sales order. If they ask for a sales order, then this is not correct. There is a bypass instruction for the Remote Monitoring option key. Some agents might not be aware of this still, so please push back and ask them to double check. 

@ bzondervan I believe your cases are taken care of now by one of my colleagues. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The option keys will be free of charge for all endpoints (existing and new purchases) before January 1st, 2016.

For all new purchases and existing systems after this date, there will be an additional cost for this option key (100$). Standard partner and customer discounts will apply.

An official field notice on this will soon be published. 




I had this case reopened and it will be processed asap.


My case person with (SR 635390085) replied back again this morning with a list of "remote monitoring keys" in the format

New Release Key: 1TC005-1-00A0A00A


but I tried several on their corresponding codecs and got Invalid option key messages on all.


Does that look more like a release key than an option key?

Yes that is a release key.

Don´t worry, I think Marius just your case through now. There was some misunderstandings. Sorry for the inconvenience.




How did that go?  Were you able to able to get the keys through email or a different contact method?

Small update:

Currently we are just getting the option keys for our Lab environment and some systems in one of our smaller offices. We probably end up requesting 500+ option keys. First batch is for 88 systems.

Good to know:

1: You need some sort of support contract (SmartNet).

2: I created TAC cases for this requests.

3: Don't be a smart-ass like me and sent one big list, with all your equipment

Split it up in type: Separate TAC for EX, SX, C and MX

4: Now the fun part starts. Depending who actually assists you it can all be very easy or you will get stuck.


My experience:

1: TAC on MX: The TAC owner explained that they can only provide the option Keys for one system type per TAC and requested me to open new TAC's for the others. Option keys received and case closed.

2: TAC for EX series 635390183: Apparently needs to be escalated to the Product manager, still waiting.

The next is interesting as the TAC owners didn't read what was requested.

3: TAC for C-series 635390225: Immediately sent all the license and options keys for the system for software version TC7.x.x (we already had this) and asked if they could close the case. They didn't read and forgot to send the L-C-SERIES-RM option key. Still waiting.

4: TAC for SX-series 635390289: Immediately sent all the license and options keys for the system for software version TC7.x.x (we already had this) and asked if they could close the case. They didn't read and forgot to send the L-SX-SERIES-RM option key and now they need the sales order number of the equipment. Which I don't have this is with an different department so this will take a long time to get.

If I have to do this for the other 500 systems I will be done in 2016

Can not wait for them to send me their Customers Satisfaction Survey.



Mangus -

Can you explain why the release notes say it's a paid option key, but you just now say it's free?

I will make sure that information is updated in the RN. 


I'm still trying to obtain keys for my systems. I opened a ticket requesting the keys and here is the high level summary of what has gone on:

  • I opened ticket request a bulk issuing of keys
  • Receive email with multiple keys. Tested two of them, failed.
  • Support issued same key again, asked me to try again.
  • Tested, failed.
  • Support asked me to try additional systems.
  • Tested two more, failed.
  • Support issued me same keys, asked me to try again.
  • Tested, failed
  • Supervisor asked me to try same key.
  • Tested, failed.
  • Supervisor asks for xconfig/xstatus.
  • I provide.
  • Supervisor says the keys are applied....then states the remote monitoring keys are $100 each (wait, do I have them or don't I?!?!)
  • I reply with long email summarizing what many have already said in this, and the other, thread.

Aaron I'm going to be reaching out to you directly to get this working.


Have same issue as Aaron. Waiting on licensing to escalate to TAC.

God that sounds exhausting. I'm ordering a fairly large kit (50 SX10s) and I cant wait to have this issue. 

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