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TMS Database File is Running Out of Space


I am getting "TMS Database File is Running Out of Space" error on my TMS Server portal page. I have 180GB free space on my drive.

Do you guys have any idea about this issue, please help me out....


Nikhil Jayan


Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Are you using SQL express? There is a size limit on the database in the express edition, 2008 = 10gb, 2005 = 4 gb if i remember correct. Are you using the express edition

And how large is the database? Is the database stored on a disk with the 180gb free space?

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Hi Ohm,

Thanks for your immediate reply.

i am using SQL Express 2005 edition.

i have 180gb free space on database contained disk.


Nikhil Jayan


Ok, so how large is the actual tmsng.mdf file? You should find it in the data folder in the sql server path.


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we are getting this error too. Our disk has 32% free diskspace and the SQL File "tmsng.mdf" is about 3.949.824kb.

How can we solve that problem?

regards Jens

If it's approaching the 4Gb mark, and complaing about getting full, it sounds like you're got the 2005 version of SQL express.  It's not disk space it's complaing about, it's the SQL database size.

There are a couple of options to solve this:

1)     Upgrade/migrate the database to a SQL 2008 express database

2)     Migrate the database to a full blow SQL server (on a separate SQL server box).



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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Hi Wayne,

oh yes, I haven't post these informations. We are on a Windows SQL Server 2008 express database.

That's why I'm not understanding the error.


Hi everybody,

I think I found the solution. The SQL Server 2008 express has also a 4GB database limit.

Since SQL Server 2008 R2 express it was increased to 10GB.

regards jens

Hi Jens,

the answer is to use a database which can support the amount of data you need to handle.

Though if you need something more then these limits I would first check if there is data which

should be purged. If you do not need history data its better to be removed.

On the other side if you have so much live data, looking into a dedicated SQL server might make sense.

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

Excellent points Martin

Hi Martin,

thats our solution. We are preparing to migrate the DB to a big SQL Server.

What do you mean with history data, how can I find them and purge them if necessary.


@Jens: In TMS, go to Administrative Tools > TMS Server Maintenance >Purge Old Data in Database Tables Plan

Zac Colton
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Other then the data purge options, be sure to backup the database and transaction logs regularly. After doing the backups, run an SQL task to shrink the database.

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