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Webex kits on cucm with wall navigator

Ahmed habib

We need assistant with our current scenario as we have the following:

- Room kits registered on CUCM 14.


- table navigator connected with Kit as controller.

- Wall navigator outside room to display room occupation status

- Webex edge for devices to link devices to cloud for room booking feature

. - Hybrid calendar with exchange (will be configured).

- We know that hybrid calendar is mandatory for room booking so TMS/ TMSXE will not be used .

Our questions are :

1- We want to keep scheduling on prem with cms meeting not webex and not lose it so how can we accomplish this

2- For wall navigator, must it connected with room kit IP address or just put outside room and work with infrared ?

3- For wall navigator to just display room occupation status not booking, Must Hybrid calendar configured as in thi casw we will use TMSXE as schedule ?

4- If we want to configure room booking also via wall navigator (I know that HC is must) and keep meetings via cms not webex and not lose it, How i schedule meeting via outlook with room mail address and meeting become via CMS.

5- Can CMS scheduler via web app invite room mail address even it's HC enabled ? (even we will lose OPTB)


Any recommendation about this setup please

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Roger Kallberg
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VIP Expert

I think by reading your question that you have a slight misunderstanding on how Hybrid Calendar works. It has no direct relation to Webex meetings. It is a means to connect your devices with the calendar of the account that that is used in the Exchange or Google platform. That said any bookings that lands in the room account calendar will be looked at and if it does contain the information to present OBTP button it will do that. Also the OBTP has no direct relation to only Webex. It works equally good for other meeting platforms, like Microsoft Teams.

For your specific question around CMS I can't give you any advice as I've never even seen that IRL, only in presentations.

On the topic of connection the wall mount Navigator. It must be connected to an Ethernet cable that provides it PoE. This can be a regular network switch port or it can be the specific port on the codec.

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Hello @Roger Kallberg Thanks for your answer.

Can you please clarify below which mentioned in Cisco Guides

- Room booking is available for devices linked with Edge for Devices (Ok, That's our case).

- To enable Room Booking, you must set up these in the following order : Configure Hybrid Calendar and scheuling account.- Enabling Hybrid Calendar on a device linked via Webex Edge for Devices disables TMS calendar on that device, as only one calendar source is supported at a time (That's our problem if i undertand correct tht we will lose scheduling TMS/TMSXE on rooms that are enabled for room booking as alo TMS can't work wit HC exchange).

I hope that my idear reaches you and help me with this setup as we have alot of wall navigator want to make them work for room booking and display meeting status for on prem meetings and not lose TMS Scheduling on these rooms

No in any way an expert of TMS scheduling, if it does indeed work with another calendar source it would likely be an issue, but if it uses the Exchange calendar of the room account it should be no problem as there can be multiple sources that create bookings in a calendar.

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