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What is the different between Cisco TelePresence Server 7010 and MSE8000 Chassis with 8710 and/or 8510 Blade


Dear all,

     What is the different between Cisco TelePresence Server 7010 and MSE8000 Chassis with 8710 and/or 8510 Blade? Also, is there any software option related to this two product?

Thank you,


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The Telepresence Server 7010 is a standalone Telepresence Server product in a 2U chassis. The 8710 is a blade for the MSE8000 chassis system that has the same capacity as the 7010, but you can have up to 9 of them in an MSE chassis. In the current release up to 3 of them can be clustered together to make one large Telepresence Server with 3 times the capacity of a single blade. The MSE chassis system also adds hot swappable PSUs and fans for greater resiliancy, and can also be used to hold other blades, such as the 8510 HD MCU blade, ISDN gateway blades etc.

The same software options are available for the 7010 and 8710, with the exception of clustering as previously explained.



Does this different blade's software version has to have compatiblity between them, if yes is there any documents / matrix

For example, if all this blades with version mentioned below installed on MSE it OK?

MSE-8050 Ver: 2.3(1.31)
MSE-8710 Ver: 3.0(2.24)
MSE-8510 Ver: 4.4(3.42)

I would check the release notes in case any minimum revision of supervisor software is required for new releases, but in this case as 2.3(1.31) is the latest release you should be able to run any recent release of the TelePresence Server or MCU software in conjunction with this - if future software releases require supervisor upgrades then this will be documented in the release notes, although it is always a good idea to keep the supervisor up to date when new releases become available.

Thanks Luc, I have checked thru the Release notes..

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