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Auto Cisco UI & Reporting Backup via DFS


Hi Team,


I am working on a Windows Server 2016 using DFS Replication to automatically Copy the recordings files of Call Recording and Reporting from its Win Machine-192.X.X.X to the Win Server's (2016) local D or E drive.

Can someone please help me how I can do that as I need submit this solution today.


Will be very thankful for help.



Please rate helpful, thanks.
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Roger Kallberg
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VIP Expert

As this is a non UC question you’d be better off to ask this on a more suitable forum. Newer the less I did Google DRF replication and second result was this that likely should be a good fit.

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Thank I will check to make further posts at there, 


One thing I need to know, Can we run DFS between 1 Win Server 2016 and a Windows 10 Machine folder?



Please rate helpful, thanks.

Sorry, but this is outside of my area of expertise and OT for the forum as it's a Cisco Unified Communication community. Neither of the other communities on this forum, like Security, Wireless or Routing and Switching would cover this either as it's a specific question that is around a functionality in a Microsoft product. You would be better off to search for a forum that have this target audience and ask your questions there.

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