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AVSCAV~1 is causing 100% CPU usage on Unity 4.2 primary server


We currently have a TAC case open for this issue but I thought I would run this by the forum as well. The AVSCAV~1.exe process is consuming all CPU resources even though we have disabled reporting on the server. According to the Unity Architecture document this AVSCAV process scrapes the report logs to build info for the reporting database. Does anyone know a reason why this process is consuming so much processing? We are currently running on our failover Unity server which is not having any issues while we resolve this. Rebooting the server also does not resolve the issue as the AVSCAV evently takes over CPU resources again.

Also, I already have checked out bug CSCed42887 and verified that AvRepDirSvc is running as the local system account so that is not the issue.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The service that controls the avscavenger is the AvRepDirSvrSvc. Please stop this service.

Actually, the AvRepDirSvrSvc is used for reporting and we use the reporting tool so stopping that service is not really a permanent fix for us. TAC is recommending the installation of ES153 to resolve a heap corruption issue in AvCsMgr which is the process that kicks off the avscav~1.exe. I will update this thread as to the results of applying the ES after it is in place.


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