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Upgrading ISR4300 from IOS XE to IOS - does ROMMON need to be upgraded?

I am about to upgrade a voice gateway ISR4321/K9 from isr4300-universalk9.03.16.04b.S.155-3.S4b-ext.SPA.bintoisr4300-universalk9.16.12.03.SPA.bin Cisco documentation suggests the ROMMON version will need to be upgradedwww cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ro...

calls receiving to Specific number from E1 forward to specific extension

Hi,I have an E1 line with a range of numbers (ex: range 312 3400 - 312 3499)How can I forward calls to specific exceptions received to a specific number?(Ex: calls coming to 312 3420 need to automatically send to extension 2422) in general conditions...

Remote destination doesn't ring for Hunt Pilot calls

Dear experts,Need one help.We have a Hunt pilot in CUCM under which 2 line groups are there.When call comes it hits first line group extension and Remote destination.But when the call jumps to 2nd line group only extension rings not the remote destin...