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CUCM home lab

Hi All i like to create CUCM home lab kindly help me on this  what configuration of Server i need for this and which CUCM is best for this . i know this is very basic question i google but get confisued they is alote of material available on it. . ki...

Support for WebEx Room Kits and Room 55, Room 70 in Prime Collaboration Assurance

Looking at the 12.1 docs for PC Assurance, I see no mention of support for the new TelePresence devices. Do we know if these are supported yet? https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/net_mgmt/prime/collaboration/setting_up_devices/PCA_12-1/Setting_up_...

rfrome by Beginner
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Services Tab keeps opening

So after a fresh install of Cisco Unified Communications Manager System version: I've had the problem that most of the phones that I would register with CUCM the services tab would open up constantly with a blank tab and say "Select s...

aluro by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco Call Manager 11.5/6 migration to new hardware then upgrade to 12.5

I am in the process of upgrading the hardware for my CUC cluster and am trying to decide which path is best. My current hardware is Cisco approved but it is out of resources and warranty so in order to gain the benefits of 12.5 I have purchased new C...

tcmckay by Beginner
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CUC Auto attendant Not working , call are routed to VM not to an extension .

I have configured a CTI route to CUC in order to have an auto attendant for my lab, since i hace 10 extension but just one DID to recieve call from PSTN . Greeting is working but when i dial the extension CUC send a refer to CUCM containing the exten...

Reinvite CUBE consume and send REFER-TO for call transfer

Hello everyone,  CUCM v11.5 does not use the REFER method in SIP to transfer a call. It uses INVITE and UPDATE messages. This causes extra SIP communication legs in UCCX transfer "call redirect" scenario. I would like to know if it's posible to solve...

How to disable SSH version 1 for Cisco Unity Express virtual

Hello Guys, Any idea how to disable SSH version 1 for the Unity Express (Virtual) 9.05?  I have verified the Gateway router is using SSH version 2 also there is no direct connection for the ESXi to the network, it seems connected via router back plan...

Provisining Tools: Stack8 & Akkadian

Hello, Community.  I'm curious if there are users of these applications out there who would not mind sharing information with me about their experience.  Happy to have a private message or public post.  Also if there is anyone who truly believes Prim...