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CUPS Mutli Domain

We are  using CUPS 8.6.2  My firm has asked that i create a new domain due to firm name change, so I created a child domain.Current root domain bbb.com and the child is ddd.com I have migrated my acount from bbb.com to ddd.com, in working with cisco ...

ctaveras by Beginner
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Caller ID on EX90

Hi EveryoneI wanted to get your opinion on what you might think is cause this issue. We have 2 Cisco EX90 units that are in use by our Execs and the caller ID doesn't work for external calls but internally it works fine. It's just these 2 devices bec...

Configuration Professional cannot manage Unity Express running on ISM-SRE-300-K9 module

I have seen a couple of similar discussions, but there don't seem to be any definitive anserws.  I have Configuration Professional pointed at a CME 8.6 but it refuses to manage the Unity Express installed on the ISM-SRE-300-K9.  In discovery details ...

dbooth by Beginner
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VRF and Multi-VRF questions regarding SBC/CUBE applications

Hello,I have recently purchased a Cisco ASR1001 with CUBE.  Its primary role in life is to servce as an SBC.  I have configured a working scenario where i can send and receive phone calls without an issue.  However, now that I have nailed down the si...

Resolved! Cxn 8.6: Caller System Transfer and *

When a caller is in the Caller System Transfer conversation and presses "*" to cancel the transfer, what is the expected behavior?  It appears to perform an Attempt Transfer on the system default Opening Greeting (regardless of where the conversation...