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Call Manager Visual Representation


Good Morning,

I was wondering if you could help with this perhaps obscure request. I work on an enterprise network, within said network we utilize among other things Callmanager for VOIP phones, PABXs, Mitel ect. ect.

I have come to a point where I am looking for a method in which I can visually represent our callmanager database in a way that's more accessible on say a spreadsheet. With so many partitions, translations, call search spaces its hard to keep track of how these intertwine and as things develop how we can divvy out numbers to new services without interfering with old translations and number assignments. Unfortunately it seems that perhaps records have not been kept in a friendly way.

Is this something that you guys have had an issue with before? Does anyone know of a good way to achieve the above? As I say I would like a way to visually represent callmanager. Perhaps I could look at said spreadsheet and see partition A its numbers, which links with X callspace. This partition has a translation pattern that allows it to come across to partition B......

I hope this garbled message makes sense I would be very grateful for advice or at least ideas in the right direction.

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can actually look at the options under Bulk Administration > Import/Export > Export

Just export the latest data about anything configured on cucm and save it as an excel sheet.


Hello Manish,

Thank-you for your prompt answer, yes this is something that I have looked at in the past, but it doesn't really show you in an organized format exactly how things are linked. Its output isn't a useful table as such but a large list of all numbers. What I am after is some way of summarizing everything in a user friendly way. I know this probably seems like I'm asking to much.....

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

CUCM has no way to provide you with a graphical representation of how every DN/pattern ties with the rest of the dial plan, and even if it could, it would be a MASSIVE graphical representation.

A lot of what you're asking, is offline tracking of what is your DID block, which ones are in use, to whom they're assigned, which ones are available, etc. 

Getting the different call flows and whether you can reach someone, can be analyzed with DNA, but that would be one call flow at a time.



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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Adding to Manish, you can refer to below links as well that provide SQL queries to report on various things within CM. It might be of some help as well



Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Adam,

I'll just add a note to the great info from Java, Manish & Deepak (+5 each!) You might be able to use the Route Plan report as a starting point/baseline to build your visual report 

From CUCM admin try Call Routing > Route Plan Report and once it loads up look at the top right hand corner of the page for "View in File" this will allow you to save a copy in .csv format

You might also try a 3rd party product that has built-in reporting with a nice graphical interface. Here is one of many;



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