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Cisco - Salesforce integration



I have been looking for ways to integrate Salesforce with our Cisco CUCM/CCX environment. I found a lot of discussions and documentation but would like to get some things clarified to make sure I have the correct picture.

According to what I have found so far there are several ways to do the integration:

  1. Use CRM connector - this is only supported in CUCC Enterprise, CUCCX is not
  2. Use Callconnector - this should work with CUCM, CUCME, CUCCX, but then you can not use CAD
  3. Use CAD to integrate

I would appreciate it if anyone can confirm these are all option and explain a bit more or guide me to the correct documentation for the integration.


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


CRM Connectors are only for Contact Center Enterprise indeed, so that is not an option for a CCX deployment. The (free) Call Connector for and CCX is in beta, and may actually never reach GA. I would not recommend that solution.You can indeed use the integration capabilities of teh Cisco Agent Desktop to run in the CAD integrated browser. There is a detailed whitepaper on how to achieve that posted on An alternative is to use a Cisco Developer Partner solution. AMC Technology has an integration between CCX and available. There is one notable limitation to this integration: you can no longer use the CCX supervisor desktop (that's a CCX limitation, not an AMC Technology one).


Willem Evert Nijenhuis

Manager, Product Management

Thanks for the clarification Willem, just one clarification request: would you recommend to use the call connector with CUCM(E), instead of with uccx?


How do you do the integration? (since the callconnector/CRMconnector had been discontinued by cisco)

Are you using UC 500 series model now? If yes, how do you integrate with Salesforce?

Thanks & regards,

How Yee

Hey, I can't help you with this, I just wanted to know the possibilities, we didn't actually implement anything yet.

I understand that the UCM call connector for salesforce can not be used for CCX (don't get a proper screen pop). Even if it did, it is minimal functionality for a contact center. You should look at one of the other 2 alternatives I provided above.