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CUCILync and mass deployment

Good morning,

We are planning to deploy CUCILync 8.5.2 on MoC 2007 on about 1200 workstations. We did some tests on pilot PC's to be sure that all requested features were available for our end users. The tests passed successfully.

Now, the test PC's had CUCILync installed manually without a deployment system. We made a standalone installation of the executable file.

I'd like to have a feedback from you concerning a mass deployment via SMS or another system.

The GPOs can be done, we tested it in our lab but not the installation of the CUCILync client.

Best Regards,



Nobody can help?

Did you ever get this sorted?

Tommer Catlin

Have you looked at the new Jabber Client instead of using MOC?    If you are simply using MOC for IM and presence, why not look at moving to Jabber?   The CUCIMOC or CUCLYNC snap on is nice, but why go through all that when OCS 2007 is ending, to move to Lync, its a rip and replace and at that point, why not use your CUWL licensing and get the Jabber clients that has IM, phone, presence, etc for your users?

Roland Theisen

hello Martin, We are using Microsoft SCCM to deploy the Cisco CuciLync (v8.5.4) to our Windows7 computers. We do it in 2 steps: 1st step is to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 on the machine and as 2nd step we install the Cisco CUCILync via the MSI file. At the beginning we tried to install it with the exe file (the exe file already includes the Visual C++) but we did not get it to work. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Best regards, Marc Hoffmann

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