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CUCM Automation - What are people using in the real world?


Title says it all....


I have been digging into the CUCM AXL tool kit/SOAP/API area, but cannot find anyone using it in the real world. Most of these complicated setups seem to be achievable in CUCM GUI or the BAT tool or a 3rd party apps like 2nd Nature of Kurmi for phone provisioning. 


IMO alerting would be a powerful automation tool. 

Alerting - Triggered alarms > commands issued to clear (script run) > If resolved, close alarm > if not, open a tickeAutomation, Unified Communications, Other Unified Communications, UC Applications, UC Migrationt. 

Anyone using this? 

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Roger Kallberg
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Title indeed says a lot, but far from all. What is it that you want to achieve with automation? The idea with triggers for alerts have one use case in handling operations related items, but then there are the likely more common handling of MACD style of tasks. For this there are quite a few different vendors that have solutions for this. For example Stack8, Starfish, Arcadian to name a few.

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@Roger Kallberg In our environment we are leaning on 2nd Nature (Help One) for MACD work, which is partial automation. We have a multi-vendor platform, so I plan on looking further into 2nd Nature. 

Re your question: Alerting might be the best area to start with. However, I mainly want to know what others are doing. Automation takes a lot of time and money, so I want to hear real world scenarios that are being used daily and saving time, money and tickets. 


I have been tasked to automate 49% of my environment, so honestly I am open to anything. 

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