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CUCM LDAP Directory prepend ipphone digits


CUCM 10.5.2



  I have a scenario that includes two CUCM clusters.  DNs on one cluster may overlap DNs on the other.  An Inter Cluster Trunk exists between the two clusters.  A route pattern exists on each cluster that begins with a specific 2 digit code that routes calls for DNs on the other cluster to the ICT.

  I use LDAP sync to provide user directory entries ( synced on the ipphone field ).  I wish to create an additional LDAP Sync directory entry to create user records for the users of the other cluster, using a search base specific to their OU.  However, when their ipphone fields are used to create user records, I need them to be pre-pended with the 2 digit code of the ICT so that when dialed from the directory, the calls will be routed to the ICT.  How can I accomplish this?


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You would be better to populate the LDAP directory with non-ambiguous numbers, such as the full +e164 number, or the full extension number with prefix in all cases.

Then just configure your CUCM so that those numbers route as you want them to.


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The OU in which I need to prepend digits to is used by another CUCM cluster.  Therefore, I prefer not to change what they already have in place.

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