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How can i find the Phone Device Name in CM6?


If i have the extension number of User Device profile (And the UDP name). How can i find the SEP device name of the phone the user is logged into. Easy in CM4.x by doing a Route Plan Report and entering the Extension number, but in CM6 this only provides the UDP. Any ideas, without having to call the extension and asking the user to find the information in 'Settings'. I have a need to reset just that 1 phone.

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Hi Keith,

I think I have found a way to resolve your issue. Using RTM tool you can run a report on all/any phone type and this will tell you which user is logged into which SEP Device.

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If the user is logged-in, then you find the SEP device by searching for the phone by the DN of the UDP.

Under Device/Phones, select find, and find by extension and enter the DN of the UDP. If the user is logged-in, the search should return the SEP device, then you can reset it.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Alan, but that does not seen to work, i can enter the phones auto registration numbers and SEP phones are displayed, but not if i enter a logged in UDP's extension number.

Any other ideas, has a service locked up, or db error.

PS. This is CUCMBE6

Most perculiar, what I described works ok for CCM 5.x. Can I suggest that you try the DNA and see whether this provides the Device Name when selecting the line.



Hi Alan,

I can use the Dialed Number Analyzer on the CUCM6BE but have no idea what analysis you refer to. Have you tried this on cm6 or are you using CM5 as a reference. Remember i am using the Busuiness Edition CM6 and Unity Connection on the same box with Linux as its base. I have done a dozen CM4.1 or CM4.2 and they are much easier to find this information.

I can NOT do an Analysis->Phones for the logged in users extension DN(7XXX) only the DN that a phone had from auto registration (ie the DN when it is logged out)(in my case 1XXX range).

When i do an Analysis->Analyzer from Calling Party 7068 for example to a valid Dialed Digits there is no reference to and MacAddress.

AS you may know, from the CCMAdmin, if you go to a line on someones 'User Device Profile' then you see all lines with the same DN/Partition. This is not the case in CM6 and i believe this is either a fault on this CM6 or an unfortunate miss by cisco with CM6 in general.

So back to any one for more ideas???