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Mobility Identity



I'm running Call Manager 8.6 and recently started testing the Cisco Jabber client - right now i'm working on my cell phone which is an android phone.  We used to have single call reach enabled/configured through the Remote Destinations method - this is how our IT guy (that recently left and I have taken over) had everyone setup.

I've followed the administation guide and it seems pretty straight forward to remove the Remote Destinations config and just setup the Mobility Identity with the same information however it isn't working.  My desk phone rings but it doesn't go to my cell phone when the jabber client isn't running.

Looking for direction as to where I should go.  I've tested the Jabber client itself and i'm able to make/receive calls on it both internally and externally.

Mobility is enabled on my desk phone.


Chris Deren
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Is the Mobile Identity tied to the TCT device?

Is "Enable Mobile Connect" checked?

Is the destination number defined with proper prefix?

When you all it and Jabber is no On, does it show unregistered in CUCM?


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick reply.

"Enable Mobile Connect" is definately checked.

the destination number has our outgoing prefix of "8" and then my phone number, it was configured the same way when I still had the regular Remote Destiination configured and it worked that way.

The phone is showing as unregistered when jabber client is off.

Isn't the Mobile Identity a CUMA thing?  When I set this up for my iPhone I attached a Remote Destination to the TCT device. Effectively the TCT device replaced the Remote Destination Profile.


Mobile Identity is preferred for iPhone Mobile and Jabber apps as it provides you with the ability for CUCM to determine if the device is registered and not extend the Mobile Connect (SNR) call to it if it already rings it via the app.  So, the way it works is when TCT device is unregistered Mobile Connect is invoked and when it is registered it's not as there is no point.  That is the main fundamental difference between RDP/RD and Mobile Identity.



Sorry to resurrect this old thread, however I have the same problem and it seems this question was not resolved.

I have been unable to find much information on the "Mobile Identity" feature.

My setup:

7975G, CSF (Jabber for Windows), and Jabber Voice on Android all with the same extension.

Mobile Connect enabled, Mobile Identity set.

When running, I receive calls on the Jabber Mobile app just fine. If I close it, CUCM makes no attempt to call my cell number (verified at the voice gateway). The Mobile Identity does have the correct prefix (9 in this case). The Dual Mode phone shows as unregistered in CUCM when closed (as it should).

Any thoughts?

Any recommendations on troubleshooting steps?

Thank you.

Hi Daniel.

Did you remember to configure ACL under Call Routing --> Class of Control and associate it to the RDP owner?

Let me know



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"The more you help the more you learn"

Please rate all helpful posts "The more you help the more you learn"

Is that a requirement for SNR to work with Mobile Identity?

Is that documented anywhere?

I have not seen that noted in any of the documentation I have read. (also, what would you even put in the ACL?)


Hi Daniel.

No is not a requirement, but in some cases i noticed that it worked with an acl configured only.

Just configured !X as dn mask.

What you also have to make sure is that under remote destination configuration, in "association information" the radio button next to associated DN is selected

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 08.20.55.png




Please rate all helpful posts

"The more you help the more you learn"

Please rate all helpful posts "The more you help the more you learn"

Hello Daniel,

do you remember how you fixed this ? I'm at the same point right now; no attempt to the PSTN is made in case my Jabber on the mobile device is unregistered.



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