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Not able to hear in Jabber calls



I am using 10.0 version of CUCM. I am facing this issue. I have an user who uses both cisco jabber and deskphone. The user is configured as call center agent.

a. When I make a call and she answers the call through deskphone---> she can hear me and no issues.

b. When I make a call and she answers the call through Jabber by clicking the pop up window from jabber---> The call is getting answered but no voice on either sides.

On jabber I checked the USE MY COMPUTER FOR Calls and its selected. What could be the issue?


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Aseem Anand
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Chandru,

When you select "use my computer for calls" your Jabber works as a softphone just like a CIPC. If you are unable to hear when calling a user from the Jabber running in softphone mode you need to check the routing. A PC is part of a data VLAN whereas your phones are in Voice VLAN. It might be that there is some routing issue between the VLAN's or some device blocking it.


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Same issue with me, all settings are good, but problem is still there.  Any thoughts?


Make sure your Jabber audio settings are using the correct audio devices. Call is still getting to the PC so it might just be a simple setting issue in Jabber.



I have the same issue is there any soulation for this.. 



image.pngmake sure you use your computer as a device for calls and make sure caller IP address can reach your PC IP address, one way audio is common caused by routing issue.

Thanks for your support, do u mean i have to check firewall

Yes Sir


Thank you for your replay.. We have 2 senior one is that, who are using jabber or ip phone 7841 they have one way issue, other who are using 7942 no issue with them.

Please need you update. 


Hi All,

i have same problem, but already solved.


PC's must can be PING point to point. After the firewall guys open block , our PC's can PING each other.





Thanks for this tip! I had "device for calls" set to the physical phone on my desk and it wasn't obvious to me that it was this device which was actually making the calls I dialed and giving me no audio.


Working off of the network. Using VPN to connect to the network and Jabber. 

Did a couple clean install but nothing works. Went in to move the priority of mic/speaker. Still nothing works. Can call out and answer the phone but both directions have no audio. 


Could you help me step-by-step on how to allow the programs to let the audio pass the firewall?

Thank you!


PS: Did the same thing on co-worker's MAC book and it does not work as well. Same issue. 

Hey @yentigs did you ever find a solution? I am experiencing the same issue all users are jabber softphone remote users 

I am also experiencing the same issue, Users over VPN are able to receive calls on jabber with 2-way audio. But when we make the call and it is answered on the opposite end there is no audio on either end.


any guidance would be appreciated!

Elliot Dierksen
VIP Collaborator VIP Collaborator
VIP Collaborator

I know AnyConnect blocks VPN client to VPN client communication by default. I think a number of other firewalls do that as well. What you may need to do is force an MTP or trusted relay point on the inside for VPN users. That way a VPN jabber to VPN jabber call always goes outside to inside back to outside. I have had to do this for a number of customers.

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