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Removing a line in PCP does not always remove it from CM


I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this.  At times, I will cancel a line in PCP. Do a user sync and try to add that line again and it says its in use. I check the 'Manage Directory Numbers' section of PCP and it does not show up.  If help desk level people who only have access to PCP functions how would they be able to add that DN?  

Say today I delete a DN in PCP, and months later a help desk tries to add that same DN but they can't since it's still in the Call Managers RPR.

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Boobalan Rathinam
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mike,

Cancelling a stand-alone Line from PCP will cancel the line (and all dependents) in CUCM; After which, DN will not show up in route plan report / PCP inventory.

But, if you cancel a shared line (same DN shared among multiple devices / users), only that line gets cancelled. DN information will still be in CUCM (as the DN is still in use by other devices / users).

That may be the reason, why you see the DN in route plan report even though you cancel it from PCP. Request your confirmation.

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