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Unable to figure out how to use Unity Connection to ask for caller's name on an existing DN before presenting the call


Having looked at the Unity Connection Cisco Press book, and a post on here which seemed to be asking the same question but with no particular solution the poster could make work, I'm drawing a blank on how to use Unity Connection 10.5(2) to receive a call to a user's DN, then ask the caller for their name and company, and then present the recorded details to the owner of the DN giving them the option of whether to take the call, or push it voicemail.

I have a CoS that allows the call transfer options, and I've selected Supervise Transfer  and checked the Call Screening options under a user's Transfer Rules. The user is using the Standard Greeting. In the greeting I can see a radio option for Interview Handler, so I created an new Interview Handler, and for the Recipient field I gave it a User with Mailbox entry, then recorded a question (and unchecked the other 19 - using Audiotext Manager in the end). Back in the user's Greeting settings, I selected the new Interview Handler.

With the DN set to push calls straight to voice mail, I hear the "Sorry <name> is not available....." recording first. Then I hear my Interview Handler question. Then after a delay I hear "Your message has been sent." And at this point I then hear the screening question "Whom may I say is calling?" Followed by "Please wait while I transfer your call." At which point I get back to "Sorry <name> is not available, and I'm in a loop. This is clearly happening because I'm sending all calls for the DN straight to voicemail, but when I disable that, I don't get the call screening "Whom may I say is calling? question.

I'm struggling to join the dots for how to make this work. As the DNs are already in production (with various Heads of <xxx>) I need to preserve them. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing from what I've written, and help out? How do I make calls for a DN hit Unity first so that the screening question is asked?

Thanks and regards


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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hey Nathan,

No worries my friend! As you noted, this is not a workable or scalable solution in any way, shape or form.




Some of you know how can we change the audio from "Ask for Caller's name" option to another one? We want to reproduce a customized one, but we don't know where we should upload it.


Thank you

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