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unity 7.0 transfer to alternate extension

alex goshtaei

Hi All, 

I am configuing call handler in Unitiy, with caller input, I like to transfer calls to subscriber's alternate extension, and ring that extension. 

any clue would be appreciated. 

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Unless I’m misunderstanding your query there’s no way to do what you want here.  Quick breakdown on transfer numbers:

  • Users and call handlers have 3 transfer rules (standard, off hours and alternate) – the rules on that handler or user dictate which are used (based on schedule, which rules are active and such – if alternate transfer rule is enabled it overrides the other two) – you can send a caller to the “attempt transfer for” entry point on a call handler or user from a call input key and whatever rule is active based on the schedule and rule sets will take over.

  • You can’t “pick” which transfer rule will be used from the menu entry – that’s determined by the target handler or user’s transfer rule sets.

  • If you’re talking about the alternate extension that users can configure to call in as and such, that’s not a transfer number – alternate extensions you can configure (i.e. your cell phone, home phone etc…) are used for logging into your mailbox and forwarding calls to your mailbox – it’s not an outbound dial number (i.e. preceded by a trunk access id and such) – so that cannot be done anyway.

If I misunderstanding what you’re trying to do let me know.

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