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Unity Connection 10.5 - Can User Templates be exported in bulk?


Does Unity Connection 10.5.2 have an option to export the user templates (or is there a 3rd party tool available)?  We have about 300 of these user templates created and I'm looking for an option to view all of their configurations settings are correct (such as: caller input and timezone settings).



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

COBRAS can export user templates and import them into another Connection of the same or newer version - but it sounds like what you're talking about is more of a bulk edit (?) capability?

dumping everything in a template out into a CSV file would be really hairy - there's a ton of information in a template (same data that's in a user minus just a few properties) so I'm unsure exactly what you'd be looking for here - at least a dozen database tables involved (transfer rules, greeting rules, menu entries, authentication rules, credentials settings, notificaton rules, mailbox and storage rules etc...).

maybe if you had some specific concern you were looking at?

Hi Jeff, we have the same question about Unity Connection 10.5, namely - Can User Templates be exported in bulk? We are trying to globally standardize all of our Unity Connection (CUC) user templates (yes, after the fact) for 3 Super clusters (10.5 or greater). It would be great if we could export the detail configuration of user templates so we could look at differences between templates without manually doing a Stare & Compare. I realize that the we should have standardized the default template at the beginning with ground rules, etc. and worked from there, but hindsight is 20/20, and now we have separate User Templates for each site location which aligns to the site partitions and site search spaces. Each regional CUC has 30 or more User Templates. We are looking for some sort of Export (like User Export) that will give the parameters in a CSV file format for easy comparison via an Excel spreadsheet. Does anything exist for this?

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