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Unity Connection 8.5 Platform Configuration Issues


Has anyone ran into issues installing Connection 8.5 on a 7825-H3?  I have used 3 different DVD's and they all fail on getting through the platform configuration.  Somtimes it almost finishs and says cricital error, or just hangs, other times fails to even boot the DVD into the initail menus.  I've gotten so many critical errors or unstable install warnings.


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David Hailey

You are likely hitting this bug:

CSCtj33840            Bug Details

During Installation - Unity Connection Message stays for 30 mins
The component_install screen halts for 30 minutes running scripts at the background although the installation runs just fine
The  rpm installation finishes and shows 100% but as per analysis, seems  like some scripts are running at the background that takes time

First, there is a large batch of 8.5 installation media that will fail the media check.  There is a bug for that as well...I just don't have the details readily accessible.  The workaround is that you can skip the media check and install anyway or contact Cisco to get new installation media.  Every 8.5 disc I've seen fails the media check.  Additionally, I've only run into issues when installing Unity Connection and they are generally like what is described above except when the installer appears to "hang", it actually takes about 30 minutes for the installation to continue before it gives you a critical error warning.  At that point, you are presented with a timer that indicates how long until the system will shut down.  If you leave the installation as-is, Unity Connection will actually reboot after about 90 minutes and then boot to CLI prompt.  At this point, the application is actually installed.  However, you still need to verify the health of the server and it may be beneficial for you to open a TAC case as well so they can 1) confirm the bug and 2) help you verify the installation, if applicable.


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Good info H. Bomb (+5). I have also found that the media check fails consistenlty with CUC 8.5.

HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Rob Huffman
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Hey Hailey,

Great info my friend +5 all day long!

What a pain in the ****. Just curious if you don't use (or need) "single inbox"

would you move to 8.5(x)? How about 8.6(x)? it looks like it has a whole

other level of installation trauma



I've thought about that before, actually.  Right now, I'd probably opt for an install with inline SR upgrade to 8.5(1) SU2 but it's definitely something to think about.


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