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Unity Connection 8.6 Service Account locked out

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One of our users noticed that voicemail was not showing up in her Outlook account.  I tested her Unified Messaging feature, and got this back from the server... "Some possible reasons for 401: Incorrect service account name or password.  Service account password expired.  Proper permissions not granted to service account..."

I checked Active Directory and the service account (the one that is used by CUC to access Exchange) was locked out.  I unlocked it, the voice messages were delivered, and tests of Unified Messaging were successful from that point going forward.

This information was given to me by our sysadmin..."... we know that 72 times between 9:43am and 10:29am today, the unity publisher server submitted the wrong password for the service account. Because these frequency of these invalid passwords never exceeded x in a row before a correct authentication attempt was submitted, they didn't cause the account to lockout. There was a string of x+1 invalid passwords for this account between 10:28-10:29am and that's when it got locked out. I have no idea what process was running on the unity publisher server to create the invalid password attempts, but after the account got locked out at 10:29am, there were no further invalid password attempts for this account.

We upgraded to 8.6 about two weeks ago from 8.5, and have been operating without any issues up to this point.  No changes (that I am aware of) have been made to the service account or the mail servers where is used for Unified Messaging.  The CUC servers and mail servers are all in the same physical location.

Is this a bug?

Thanks for any assistance.

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We are experiencing the same issue.  Has anyone else run into this or possibly provide a solution?



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