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Unity Connection - HTML Notification Management

Simon Battye


I'm currently using Unity Connection 11.5 and i've configured HTML Notifications in order for Unity Connection to send notifications to users when they revive a voicemail.

To do this i configured the SMTP smart host and enabled an HTML notification device on the users - this works correctly and notifications are being delivered to the users i have configured.

What i am unsure about is how to manage this on a bulk basis for hundreds of users.

If i enable the notification device for the user, i need to manually specify the users email address in the "to" field. When i export all the users using BAT i don't see the notification device in the CSV so i can't update via that method.

You can specify the "to" field and enable the notification device in the user template but you don't seem to be able to set a variable i.e. %userID%@domain.

Is it possible to bulk edit and change this field or is there another method of accomplishing this?


Greg Mora
Did you find a solution for this?

This can be accomplished with scripting via the REST .NET SDK available on

The tool is not TAC supported, but is well documented. I've used it for more simple things, but if you look at the full Developers Guide you will see a section specific to retrieving and setting Notification Devices.


Cisco Unity Connection .NET REST SDK



I think the point is to help automate the onboarding of new users.  I'm running into the exact issue myself.  I don't use any kind of scripts - other than syncing with on-prem Active Directory.  There should be a way to populate the To field, with the AD-synced email address, or the SMTP proxy address that Unity generates.  But, if there is, this method is unclear and (it appears) undocumented.

Jay Duff, CCE, ACMT, ACiT
Network Specialist
Mannheim School District 83
Franklin Park, IL

AFAIK there is no built in standard functionality for this. You’ll need to follow the advice given by @Maren Mahoney for this.

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